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about us...
eangee home design knows retail...

we first opened our doors as a retail outlet for our imports in november of 2003. by january of 2007, we realized our potential as a distributor and began our wholesale efforts. we selected only those items that had proven themselves as bestsellers over extended periods of time. today eangee is only a wholesaler, having sold its retail arm at the end of 2007.

clearly customer service...

customer service is a difference maker. from our conception, we have always placed the customer first. we want repeat business, and for that we have to be fast, friendly, and efficient. we’ve been members of the better business bureau of northeast kansas since 2005 and have a perfect record. In the near future, we will greatly expand the number of services and conveniences offered our clients through expanded shows, a more interactive website, and greater options for connectivity for those who seek it.

fair trade and proud...

eangee products are fair trade. we only work with suppliers who pay meaningful benefits and wages. In addition, all workers and artisans must be provided a safe, quality work environment that allows them enjoy what they do in addition to a earning a stable paycheck. all of the artists have access to continuing education, healthcare, and quality housing. eangee staff make at least one un-announced visit each year to ensure that proper work conditions remain in place. moving forward, we are seeking to increase its offerings of lighting and accessories as a way to provide more work in a world desperate for more quality jobs.

certainly sustainable..

at eangee, we are dedicated to the value of sustainability. sustainability means meeting the all of our needs today without compromising a better tomorrow. in environmental terms, we are constantly working towards our goal of a zero carbon foot print; doing our part to combat global climate change.  eangee products highlight renewable materials. our lamps feature cocoa leaves, abaca rope, nito vine, and durian fruit fiber, and found wood. never satisfied, eangee home design will continuously seek better materials and methods for our products. we are a registered member in good standing with the sustainable furniture council.

images on this page ...

top right: initial frame work, the item pictured will be a giant fortune (395 xl) in the future

second from top right: final touches of a giant nito's (314 xl) outer core

third from top, right: leaf work! carefully selecting, cutting, and placing leaves on the shade; in this case we are working on a giant hue sea blue (484 xl sb)

bottom right: final touch is the stich work to keep the panels in place, in this case jellyfish natural (399 n)

bottom: employees and owners of our lighting company, several people would have helped your item along the manufactuing process, each focused on the quality of their work

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